Dr. Tom Neville

Dr. Tom Neville


Tom Neville is our best plastic surgeon… In fact, he does so many facelifts, nose jobs and breast implanting, that patients line up to book a slot with him. Being our busiest plastic surgeon, Gary nevertheless manages to keep up with the requests.


Tom Neville grew up in the Rocky mountains state of Wyoming… A place, where there were fewer doctors per capita, than the national average. This ultimately led him to a life changing decision of enrolling to a medical school. As soon as Tom obtained his medical degree with magna cum laude honors at Princeton, he began his crusade on helping people and saving their lives.

Initially a neurosurgeon, Tom practiced plastic surgery as well, which combined gave him a unique perspective and a great expertise. Ultimately it booked him a place as the head of our surgery department.

Professional Life

Tom Neville is the head of our Surgery department. He practices at our clinic since its initial founding days, 25 years ago.


Postal address:400 Madison str., Alexandria, VA, United States
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